Running (Training Schedule)

I started running again last week. And I’ve been playing around with this idea in my head. I haven’t spoken it aloud, but it’s been there. I think I’d like to set a healthy goal for myself — my first healthy goal, other than, attending college. I’d like to participate in my first-ever marathon by the time my 22nd birthday rolls around. That’s exactly seven months from today. That’s a little bit over half of a year. It’s long enough away to give me time to change but not so far off that it feels unfathomable and irrelevant to me (I hate thinking about the future, and don’t partake in doing so often.)

Official training starts this week. I had one of the worst days of my life yesterday, for no reason at all. I’m running to become a healthier, happier me, and to eliminate those days.

*Keep in mind, I’m no coach. I’m basing this training schedule off of workouts I’ve done in the past, of workouts I’ve read about online, of workouts and tips I’ve gleaned from reading about other people’s running stories online*

Week 1: Saturday — 20 minute 1:1 run/walk interval + Pilates (total body)

Sunday — Run to Volunteer Park & back (about 4.5 miles — maybe too much too soon but I used to do this run with no training at all so can probably manage.)

Monday — 30 Day Shred or cross-training at the gym (ugh)

Tuesday — 20 minute 1:1 run/walk interval + Pilates (abs)

Wednesday — 30 Day Shred or cross-training at the gym (ugh)

Thursday — Rest — These are my earliest mornings & busiest days. Not happening.

Friday — Rest —  Pilates and/or strength training if I was lazy about it that week. Long, “easy” walk to Volunteer Park if I need it for mental health reasons. I sure did this week.

Week 2: Repeat

Week 3: Repeat but increase up to 2:1 run/walk ratios.

Week 4: Repeat.

I’ll stick with this for now…….


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