Looking at that little list I made last week, I’m pleasantly surprised that I can check some of the things off. I didn’t run everyday, but I ran many days. I didn’t join a credit union, but I’m going to this week. I did submit my “History Is” film and am not terribly upset with the way it’s turned out. I did put quite a bit of work into the SIFF project, in fact, I just finished transcribing an interview with our artist, Sam Boshnack, that we captured yesterday. It’s really too bad that we only have two minutes for this thing, because she really is a great character, person, and artist. Following her around to various gigs and chatting her up with zoom recorder, in combination with reading Twyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit”, is helping to really illustrate how much hard work and discipline goes into the lifestyle of “artist”. I don’t think I would have transcribed everything had I not been reading Twyla Tharp. And that’s okay. It’s okay for me to use that crutch right now, so long as I take off soon.

I spent the day in the sun, with friends, in the blossoming cherry orchard at UW. I ate my heart out in Indian Food at Flowers, which was good, because I haven’t been that into food as of late.  I climbed a tree, which was great. I’m terrified of heights.

The word of the day is “gaumless”- I still behave gaumlessly sometimes,  even though I’m really not, and I still need to work on my interpersonal dynamics. But I’m getting there.

I move this week, and that’s scary. But it’s a new start, and I can’t wait for this next chapter.

(also, I really want to imitate Twyla Tharp’s habit of using boxes for each project, but I’m so unstable– my living situation is apparently constantly shifting. I’m using Google Docs as a surrogate, which isn’t as tangible or charismatic as a box, but it’s a good stand-in for now.)

spring is finally here ;]


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