set your clocks early

call a spade a spade

and all of the ethics classes in all of the jesuit universities can’t help me with these ethical dilemmas I constantly find myself in

grow up.

you’re gonna be all right. 

it’s a struggle, but it’s an uphill battle.

yes, it is a battle.

you’ll find somebody else.

just keep on doing your thing.

you’re writing about books and everything feels trite

just be yourself, and you’ll make great film.

just be yourself, and you’ll make great.


it’s all great.

it’s so hard to walk away

it feels impossible to stay

but staying is all you know, and that is comforting.

this misery, I know it. it’s comfortable. it’s familiar.

this mystery, I don’t know it and that’s more than a little bit scary.

I don’t blame you, for being you, but you can’t blame me for hating it. yeah, I just quoted fall out boy. it happens. 

what did I say about wanting to go forward? 

and I’m going to make this video and it’s going to be good.

and it won’t be forced because we all know that I couldn’t fake it if it killed me

I need a better metaphor, I keep repeating that expression



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