Marvelous In My Monday (#2)

Honestly, these “acronym themed days” are sort of cheesy to me but I sort of like them as well. Of course, because that’s sort of how I feel about everything. Anyway, feeling much better about things today. I feel more engaged in my school work and I successfully made my own hummus and cashew butter yesterday. Something amazing is in the oven right now and I’m finally getting this baking thing down. The chronicle below can be found in my “running journal” page but I decided to post it on here because I don’t have much else of interest to speak about right now, or that I feel like blogging about, at any rate.

Monday, October 29, 2012 (Day 3) 

Nutrition Episode

Woke up and had some coffee with 1 TBSP of Silk French Vanilla Coconut Milk Cream, a Green Monster, and a slice of Udi’s Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread with some soy-free Earth Balance. This happened between 8:30 and 9:30. Ate an Iced Gingerbread Clif Bar plus more coffee with almond milk during my class between 9:40 & 10:45.

Workout, Route, and Music Episode

Today, I did the Volunteer Park run I was supposed to do yesterday. I started on 13th and Columbia, ran up to 16th, and from there, straight to Volunteer Park. As for music, today was sunny but stormy. The wind roared a riveting rhapsody to me as I ran through the neighborhood, leaves floating all around me in a beautiful autumn menagerie…….In other words, I left my iPod behind. The run would have been nearly 5 miles had I completed it, but here’s what happened: running up from 13th to 16th killed me — I think I took it a bit too rapidly. I walked about 10 paces after making it up the hill, then picked up again with the jogging. Successfully jogged all the way to the park, and started continuing down along the park trail, when I slowed to a walk and simply got lost in the park’s beauty. I found myself at the water tower, which I ran up and around. I (sort of) ran back down, where I slowed to a walk again, and simply walked back to campus down 13th ave.

Feelings Episode

Like I said, was feeling a bit weak in the beginning but as I pushed myself to keep going, I felt much stronger. I’m not beating myself up for not completing the run, I did complete the run there, which in itself is 2.4 miles. I made it back to campus in about 45 minutes, which isn’t really bad, considering I sort of took my sweet time on the way back, and at the park especially. I can’t say it enough, it was such a magical day! I thought of all of the feet who’d previously tread that very same trail and I thought about the water tower and my first time heading up it and my friend who runs up it before work every day and all of the people who I’m not responsible but am somehow responsible for because I said yes to him said yes to her said yes to her said yes to him and everyone is interconnected and I really am blanketed by this city I just only need to realize it and maybe I was suffering from a B-12 deficiency, I wasn’t taking my tablets properly and maybe it’s all in my head but I’m feeling much better and stronger about things and these past few weeks of sadness have been so incredibly sad and I know I’m not the only one feeling it but I really do love this city and I know I’m where I’m supposed to be and everything is going to be okay, no, not okay, things are going to be great because they already are if I would only just open my eyes and see it.

Post-Run Nutrition Episode

Rode my bike home and heated up some of the Lentil Sloppy Joe’s I had in the fridge. I had some of that on one slice of Udi’s Gluten-Free Millet-Chia Bread, and another slice of the same with my first-ever batch of home-made hummus! It was delicious, and felt like the perfect “carb-protein” ratio for a post-run meal. Not that I actually know much about that but my body knows more than it thinks it does.

That’s all for today, going to drop off these….baked goods…..assuming they turned out alright, go rent some DVDs, head to rehearsal, and catch up on homework. Mondays really are my favorite days of the week this quarter, which is strange (they’re the days in which I have the most “free time.”)

Question of the day: 

Life is full of ups and downs, we all know this. What’s your healthiest plan of action in regards to “kicking” any ruts you might find yourself stuck in?

Personally, I normally just recluse for a while. I go about my daily routine and complete my responsibilities as needed but I might flake out on some of my extra-curriculars, and I definitely flake out on friends. I’m terrible at faking things so I try to minimize my time spent around people, because I don’t like weighing people down with my ish, especially people that I care about. I try to stay as active as possible, but the main thing that gets me through is, I know it’ll pass. It’s like being sick — there isn’t much you can do for a fever other than drink tea and bundle up, and dream about health & comforts. Why would it be any different with mental sicknesses?


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