Lesley Gore PSA & VOTING season

This video made me tear the first time I watched it and I legit bawled when I watched it again this morning.

My good friend Olivia wrote this when she shared the video on FaceBook:

“Having a child is NOT a decision to be taken lightly. It changes the entire trajectory of a person’s life. Some women cannot support a child, some women are unfit to raise children, some simply do not wish to have them, and some are not ready for that lifestyle. Whatever YOUR decision would be if you became pregnant should not interfere with MY right to choose whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term. I’m Pro-Choice. I believe in women’s rights to choose, for the sake of the women, and the unborn. Parenthood need not always be planned, but it should ALWAYS be VOLUNTARY. I may be a single-issue voter, but when that issue has the potential to dramatically alter the lives of all American women, it’s an issue worth ALL of my concern. Keep abortion safe and legal.”

Well said, well said indeed. Pregnancy & child bearing have both been on my mind lately, especially since one of my best friends from high school just had her first child. Might I add that, regardless of your stance on this issue, the world is far too overpopulated. Resources are far too scarce. People in the Middle East are still fighting over water. Water.

I’m going to keep it at that for now, because I don’t want to say anything I’ll regret. Not trying to start anything.

Anyway, not that you need telling, but it’s important to get out and VOTE. I know Election Season grows tiresome, I’m certainly not a fan of it. Filling out my absentee ballot was the worst damned headache of my life, and I don’t even get headaches. Ever. But I did it! And so can you. Now, go!

It’s quite obvious I’m going through a rather dark bout of depression…even by my standards. But the women in this video are so beautiful & strong & inspiring. At my best, I am one of these women. At my worst…we don’t need to talk about that.

Also, probably TMI but honestly, having sex is one of the most terrifying things to me as of late, just because children are the last thing I want or need right now. Sounds extreme, but it’s true.


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