Destress with Dal

Destressing for some people means hitting the bar. For others, it means more time simply sweating it out at the gym. Running works for others, some embark on cleaning sprees. Others like to bake, I’m pretty sure sex works for everyone, and some people get super unhealthy about it and resort to various coping methods I don’t need to mention.

Personally, when I’m stressed out, I need a full palate of destressers, of both the “healthy” and “non-healthy” variety. Starting out my day with a good, hard run followed by my whipping up a creative post-run breakfast always helps. But I can’t do both of these things every single day. Even when I can and do, about halfway through my day, particularly on heavily-triggering days, I’m overcome by sudden, strong urges to hit the bar. Over the summer, I grew rather partial to Big Mario’s, particularly their “Power Hour.” Dollar beer for an hour…so tempting. Anyway, assuming that I resist this urge (as I most often do) I keep going about my day and start thinking about what creative dish I might cook up for dinner. I most always frown at the thought of the mountain of leftovers I remember to be sitting in my fridge, but I keep going, anyway. I run through the (recently accumulated) list of ingredients that have emptied my pocket book but filled up my cupboards, and I start wondering what yummy dessert I might decide to try out.

Really, the only positive destresser that does NOT appeal to me, not ever, is cleaning. Which is unfortunate. But another story entirely.

Currently (and I know this is mild compared to most foodies, and only the beginning, trust me) I have in my cupboards seven different nut butters, four different sweetners, two flours, three oils, so many spices……..

I have leftover pumpkin puree I still need to put to use, leftover pancake mix, fudge in the freezer PLUS the vegan rolos I made last night…..

But I need to keep on baking, I must master all of these recipes.

SO for once in my life, I’m going to be that nice person who randomly provides you with an unprecedented batch of cookies. I say unprecedented, but it is the holiday season, so I guess it’s not really that original or unprecedented, but you get my point.

People I must bake for, and soon:

Alena — She’s currently out with all kindsa crazy health problems. Knowing me, by the time I get around to making her something (that I don’t decide to eat myself) she’ll probably be back in Seattle. But who could say no to a batch of healthy goodies?

My grandparents + Kaelya — Say no more. I’ve been MIA from their lives as of late, and Kaelya’s a growing child. This needs to happen more than once during the holiday season.

Connor — He’s a bad person to bake for because he’s weirded out by / biased about the vegan aspect (whereas, with Alena and my grandparents, they simply won’t know until after the fact…if I even decide to tell them…) but he’s also supportive and accepting in regards to all things “Dalyce.” He’s also out with an injury, so there you have that.

The Northwest Film Forum — I used to be a regular volunteer. Now, I’m sporadic at best and flakey at the worst. But they’ve all been really good to me, and I’d like for nothing better than to make the perfect batch of yumminess for those hard working guys and gals.

My sister & co — It’s too late for house-warming but I’m sure she wouldn’t say no to baked goods.

My father — He’s lonely & lives off Pepsi, pretzels and ramen. Say no more.

Andrew — Simply because I miss him, though he’s also probably biased about the vegan thing.

lalalala I’m running out of ideas. I would add my best friends to this list but I plan on cooking & baking them out of house & home when I’m down there. Another person who is not on this list is my mother, simply because she’s not really  an eater, never has been. She’s more of a baker. I happen to be a baker AND an eater, so we’ve always got on well.

All that said and done, I think this is a good starting point……….now, ready, go.


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