Marvelous In My Monday (#1)

I know I’ve been post crazy, but today felt like a good day to post my first “MIMM” post. Wow, what a strange acronym.

Anyway, trying to keep this short and sweet, some good news: I got my cholesterol results back. My counts are perfectly healthy. Honestly, when I was a junior in high school, I was at the height of my compulsive over eating, my binging, even purging. I was also running track and doing cocaine (yeah, I was a mess), and I had “high triglycerides.” I’m pretty sure this was due to the amount of peanut butter I was eating, I had NO concept whatsoever of portion control back in those days.

Anyway, glad to know my new found knowledge and lifestyle changes have paid off! One healthy human right here. I’m not even anemic, like I feared I might be!

Moving on. I could post about what I did this weekend, but my life is not wildly interesting, and I don’t like living in the past, anyway. I’ll talk about a milestone reached today instead. Eating lunch, solo, in a room full of your peers. I’ve always been comfortable doing things on my own, more often than not, I even prefer it that way. I’ve never had a problem going to see films alone, I’ve eaten alone at restaurants, I’ve gone into bars alone. One exception to my usual unwavering sense of independence has always been eating lunch in school cafeterias. Since middle school, I’ve suffered through the worst sorts of company, all in an effort not to be seen eating “alone”, God forbid. This wasn’t an issue in high school, as I was lucky enough to make friends who were “my types of people” there, but the issue rose from the ashes when I arrived at college. And the cycle of “fake friends” repeated itself. If I wasn’t trudging through a painfully boring conversation with someone who simply was not like me at all, I was speed walking with my plate, head down, desperately hoping not to be sighted on my way up to dine alone in my room. Today, I realized things are different. I wasn’t planning on eating lunch in the cafeteria (for aesthetics’ sake alone), but I found myself there, and it was fine. I heated up my lentils mash up, I sat down, and I ate, casually reading over my lines while doing so and not giving a hoot or a wink about it.

Anyway, I’m failing at articulating it but the whole experience was rather empowering.

Question of the day: Have you ever dined alone? Or perhaps watched a film (in theaters?) Gone to a concert, maybe? What are your thoughts on being alone in public? 

What the heck, let’s talk about the weekend. I’ll page break just because it can’t be that interesting but I feel like prolonging my procrastination. 

This weekend was pretty alright. I went over to Bainbridge Island on Friday, to visit a friend who’d just broken his ankle. He has osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), so breaks aren’t to be taken lightly with him. They mean absolute bed riddance, which I can only imagine is awful. The trip served two purposes (I’m selfish, what can I say) in that I just simply needed to get away for a day or two, away from my house and away from my roommates. At the same time, I got to hang out with my friend and cheer him up a bit, I’m sure.

Saturday was pretty low key. Woke up on the island, how dreamy it was to wake up to those golden streaks peaking in through the foliage. Magical. Drank coffee, ate breakfast, sat around and did much of nothing, watched Shadow of a DoubtAte lunch, took the ferry back home. Left my keys at his house, fuck. Walked home from the ferry terminal, pitstopping at Safeway. Rather a long walk. Got home, cooked up Angela’s Ultimate Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf. Took longer than expected, missed out on going costume shopping with friends (how depressing.) Met up with friends later, went over to her apartment and met her roommates. Reminded myself that it was alright to be social sometimes. Watched a really bad movie (don’t even want to bother with the title) during which I fell asleep (sounds snobbish, but napping is a better use of my time than watching that film would have been.)

Went home sorta early, went to bed.

Only to wake up bright and early for Sunday rehearsal!

Rehearsal went well, went for a run after that. Did homework after that. Worked after that. Went home and made dinner after that. Watched my roommates screw around on Chat Roulette after that, before I simply went to bed.

Hello, Monday, you are rather marvelous.


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