there’s a list for that.

I guess this could be my “holiday wish list”, though making such a thing hadn’t really occurred to me till after this was written.

Things I “need” “want” “would enjoy” “desire” etc. etc. etc:

new running shoes, I’d really like to start running again. I think I’m finally ready, practicing Pilates has really helped improve the flexibility of my injured leg & exercising in general has strengthened it. I no longer feel the ache while taking a mere walk home from school!

— my very own yoga mat, so I can stop using my house mate’s.

— jeans that fit me, since my friend decided to accidentally pack my only pair, and never actually send them to me.

— sneakers that aren’t falling apart

— a blender so I can make green smoothies / protein ice creams / yummy desserts / my own hummus / my own nut butters!

— a big girl TV & DVD/Blu Ray player, but that isn’t really an immediate necessity…..after all, Jasmine’s TV and XBox are usually readily available

— more sweaters, scarves, and jackets

— a functioning front-brake for my bike!

— grips for my bike since the rain is starting again.

I think that’s all for now…… sigh.

Also, I don’t intend to get into the habit of posting about my life every single day, but I meant to mention this in yesterday’s post — apparently I drink too much water. I didn’t think this was possible. But sure enough, that’s part of the MD’s diagnosis.

“Your urine is….quite dilute.” She told me upon reading my sample. “Lay off that stuff.” she continued, while suspiciously eying my water-filled mason jar.

Seriously, she told me to lay off the water like telling a junkie to quit the heroin. Leave it to me to abuse a good thing.

Question of the day: How much water do you drink per day? 

What’s on your “holiday wish list”, if anything? 


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